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Game 91 Open Thread: July 8 2008

Pineiro Hamels
2-4, 4.52 9-5, 3.22

the phillies have the 2nd-best run differential in the national league, +77 runs; the cubs are first at +102, and the braves are third at +25. that tells you a lot about the national league this year --- the 3d-best team is only 25 runs above break-even. st louis ranks 4th at +16 . . . . .

hamels threw only 201 minor-league innings, and 159 of them were at class A; he truly made a meteoric climb. he has thrown at least 7 innings in each of his last 6 starts, including a complete-game shutout (one of 2 he has thrown this year). the cards dodged him when the phils visited st louis last month.