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Game 90 Open Thread -- July 6, 2008

A quick word about Ankiel's at-bat yesterday: Wood never threw him a fastball. Ankiel has struggled against fastballs since he came into the league, according to Josh Kalk's pitch-type stats --- a batting average in the low .200s with just a modicum of power. He's better against off-speed stuff --- murders changeups and hits for great power vs curveballs, although his average against them is low this year. --- LB.

When we last saw Wellemeyer, he was taking a Jason Marquis-like pounding from the Mets -- 12 hits and 6 ER in just 5 IP. It wouldn't have been a surprising start a year ago, but it kind of was this year. I really don't want to say that 3 starts can be a "pattern," but his worst 2 starts of the season have come in his last 3 outings. In those 3 starts, he's gone 13.1 IP w/ 24 H, 3 HR, 5 BB, and just 8 K's. I don't know if he's hurt, but he's clearly not the same pitcher he was through the season's first 2 months. What's interesting, and a little scary, is that his season-high innings pitched before this season was 79.1 -- last season. In '06 he threw 78.1 IP. Before the start in which he was injured, he threw exactly 80 innings. Go get 'em, Todd. I'll be the first to admit that I thought you belonged in the bullpen. Keep proving me wrong.




0-2, 4.87

7-3, 3.86