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Game 111 Open Thread: July 31, 2008

Pineiro Hampton
3-4, 4.79 0-0, 13.50

well, you guys have overflowed the overflow, so i might as well just get this thread up early. the cards didn't make any deals, which doesn't come as a great surprise. what does surprise me is that none of those LOOGYs changed teams except arthur rhodes, who (forgive me for saying so) isn't the difference maker that puts the cardinals over the top. mahay, ohman, grabow, et al --- they all stayed put, despite the large # of suitors for lh bullpen help. which suggests to me that their teams were demanding too much in return---- nobody was willing to meet the asking price, neither the cards nor anyone else.

as for jason bay ---- i don't know much about the prospects the pirates are getting back, but at a quick glance the equivalent st louis package might be something along the lines of anderson / mather / ottavino / motte. i don't think i would have made sense for the cards to yield that much talent for an outfielder, a position where they've already got plenty of organizational depth.