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Game 87 Open Thread: July 3 2008

Pelfrey Boggs
5-6, 4.47 3-0, 4.37

according to Fangraphs, boggs has relied almost exclusively on 2 pitches since he joined the cardinals --- his fastball (70 percent of the time), which averages 93 mph; and his curveball (21 percent), which averages 78 mph. those speeds, if they're accurate, would seem to make him fairly difficult to adjust to. so far, however, hitters have made pretty consistent contact --- when they swing the bat, they either put it in play or foul it off 88 percent of the time (the big league average is just 80 percent). if he learns how to change speeds <i>and</i> locate his pitches, he might be a decent hurler. . . . .

pelfrey relies even more heavily than boggs does on the fastball --- throws it 80 percent of the time, per Fangraphs, with the rest of his pitches split between slider and changeup.