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Game 109 Open Thread: July 29 2008

Wellemeyer Campillo
8-4, 4.19 5-4, 2.78

i never heard of this pitcher before ---- jorge campillo. he's pitched both as a starter and a reliever this year, better as a reliever but still quite good (3.24 era) in the rotation. he walks very few men, throws nothing but slop ---- only 1/3 of his pitches are fastballs, and those only travel about 86 mph. mostly he throws sliders and changeups. this is the type of pitcher who tends to give the cardinals fits; if they attack him aggressively as per their habit, they'll play right into his hands. he looks like the kind of guy you have to take some strikes against, get a read on his pitches. i wouldn't worry about being down in the count against him; he certainly isn't going to throw the ball past anyone.