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Anthony Reyes Dealt

Hey everybody. Main post is still below, but I wanted to get this bit of news up.

It appears that Anthony Reyes has finally been dealt. I've been looking around, trying to figure out where to and for what, and luckily one of our great readers here sent along a link from the ESPN transactions page.

Link Here.

It appears the deal is for a minor league reliever name Luis Perdomo, along with cash considerations. Perdomo certainly has an intriguing arm, throwing mid 90s gas pretty consistently. He also throws a slider and changeup, though the few scouting reports I can find have those as being presently below average pitches. A little raw, obviously, but still intriguing.

I know everyone had their hopes up for the Matt Holliday deal that was proposed a while back here, but it doesn't look to be the case.

Is this a decent return for Anthony? In all honesty, yeah, probably. Guy just didn't have much value.

Good luck, Anthony. I'll always remember Game One. Hope you can get your stuff back together and become what we thought you were going to be. I, for one, think it could still happen for Reyes.