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Game 104 Open Thread, 24 July 2008


Col. Wellsie

10-3, 2.88

8-4, 4.22

It only seems like yesterday when Ben Sheets was the big hero for the US Olympic team in 2000. Now he's the big stud starter looking for a big payday at the end of the season. I was hoping to see Colby get his chance to go to Beijing and make a statement. Ah well.

Much has been said about Wellemeyer's struggles as of late. But he's shown a bit of improvement in his last couple of starts (he at least went 6+ IP both times, which, as stated in the below main post, is an underappreciated factor in bullpen effectiveness), but his strikeout and walk rates still don't seem to have gotten back to what they were before his elbow went. In his win against the Padres, he had 3 BB to 2 K, while giving up five runs.

Hopefully he's relearning his control and his focus, because he's going to need everything he's got against Ben Sheets, who seems to be making a Cy bid in his walk year. No one on the Cardinals current roster has a very spectacular history against Sheets beyond Pujols (26 for 66, 4 HR 10 RBI, 1.66 OPS), and Brendan Ryan in limited at bats.

Hopefully they can stay within reach, get some chances against that somewhat weak bullpen, and avoid the sweep. I'm still mad that we didn't get a chance against Gagné last night (who was warming in the pen when the game ended).