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Game 99 Open Thread- 19th July, 2008

Wolf_randy_medium Wellemeyer_todd_medium

    Randy Wolf          Col. Wellemeyer

6-9, 4.66                 7-4, 4.04

It's entirely possible that Randy Wolf could be a POI- Pitcher of Interest- to the Cardinals. They've been interested in his services before, most notable two years ago, before he signed a deal to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers. With the Padres out of the running, the Cards could look to Wolf as a guy who could come in and help shore up the back end of the rotation. Of course, he does have a no trade clause to about 14 teams, I think, and seems pretty set on playing on the left coast, so that might be a little complicated. Personally, I say no thanks. I think we have internal options who could provide what Wolf does quite easily.

The big story to watch for today from Wellemeyer, in my opinion, has to be his disappearing slider. Ever since he came back from his elbow troubles, the slider simply hasn't been much of a weapon for the Colonel, unlike early this season. He had gotten by with just FB/SL the first couple of months, because both were just so dominating. Such has not been the case in more recent days. He did throw some encouraging spinners in his last outing, though, so maybe the feel for the pitch is coming back around. We can only hope.

Go Cards!