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Game 85 Open Thread: July 1 2008

Armas Wellemeyer
0-0, 0.00 7-2, 3.46

thanks to those who put the kaibash on the Erin Andrew photos in today's main thread. i had my nose in archives all day, wasn't on the site at all . . . . i don't think anybody meant any harm in posting the pix, and the images themselves are certainly not in poor taste --- well, ok, the close-up of her ass is not exactly elevating . . . . anyway, it began as a reasonably good-natured appreciation, but i sense that a line has been crossed. a lot of women read VEB, and they don't read it for the fixations on comely sideline reporters. neither, for that matter, do most of the men come here for that type of content . . . . i'm asking Erin's fans to share their tributes to her elsewhere.

tony armas has been at triple A all season long and pitching very well --- 2.54 era, 5:1 k/bb ratio over 17 starts, 102 innings. seems like he has been around for 100 years, but he is only 30 years old --- 4 months older than wellemeyer --- and might still have some years left in the big leagues. he had a 6.03 era last year for the pirates . . . .