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Game 64 Open Thread- 7th June, 2008

Adam_medium Chacon_shawn_medium

A.D.A.M.                 Chacon

5-3, 3.12                2-1, 4.41

Wainwright will be looking tonight to rebound from a truly heartbreaking loss his last time out against Pittsburgh. He was amazing through six, and then things went completely to hell in a hurry. He gave up the grand slam in the seventh, then came out in the eighth inning, when he probably shouldn't have been out there, and gave up that last run that ended up pinning the loss on him.

Chacon's ERA is finally starting to move closer to the kind of pitcher he really is. He's been very tough on the Cardinals this year, though. Hopefully, he continues to slide downward tonight.

In each of the three previous series the Cards and Astros have played this year, the Cardinals have lost the first game and won the last two. Now that's a trend I can get behind.