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Game 61 Open Thread- 4th June, 2008

Wellemeyer_todd_medium Lannan_john_medium

  The Colonel           John Lannan

   6-1, 3.16                 4-5, 3.52  

This is a matchup of two hugely surprising pitchers. Wellemeyer, of course, we all know about. The Colonel has been the Cards' second best hurler this season, and is quickly becoming one of those pitchers you always hope to see on the mound when you check the day's pitching matchup.

Lannan, on the other hand, is a product of the Washington farm system, and has just flown through. He's young, talented, and a soft tossing lefty. Ordinarily, that would be enough to send me into a panic, but I'm really liking the Cards' all righty lineup lately. Let's hope they can continue their success tonight; this is the sort of team the Cards really need to clean up against. June's going to be awfully tough. Got to take the wins where we can get them.