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Game 79 Open Thread: June 25, 2008

Lohse Galarraga
9-2, 3.63 7-2, 3.03

the springfield cardinals host the Texas League All-Star Game tonight, with jess todd starting for the north all-stars. i'm pretty sure you can get a gameday feed here.

armando galarraga was one of the three players washington dealt to texas for alfonso soriano. he has been particularly hard on national league hitters, holding them to a .162 / .260 / .235 line so far in 3 starts (77 plate appearances).

according to josh kalk's pitch-type profile, galaragga throws a fastball, slider, and changeup. he averages about 91 mph with the fastball, and he throws the slider nearly as often (37 percent of the time) as the fastball (44 percent). with 2 strikes on the hitter, he goes to the slider more than half the time.