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Game 77 Open Thread -- June 22, 2008



2-3, 4.02

6-3, 3.18

Jon Lester is a talented young lefty.  He sports the season's only no-hitter and is 2nd on their team (among starters) in ERA and FIP.  The Cards have actually done fairly well against lefties so far this season.  Of course, most of that's been w/ Pujols in the lineup.  Our BB rate, K rate, and HR rate are all better vs. LHP than RHP.  The team has a respectable .261/.351/.409 line against lefties.  <p>



As for Pineiro, he's gotten his ERA down to 4.02 and his FIP to 4.03. Much of that is b/c of his low BB rate -- 2.3/9 IP. He got off to a slow start but was very good Tuesday, with the team taking a hard luck loss when the offense was able to muster 1 run and Ron Villone gave up the game-winning homer in the 8th. Hopefully, we can get Pineiro some Mitch Boggs-run support today.