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Game 59 Open Thread: June 2 2008

Gorzelanny Wainwright
4-5, 7.38 5-2, 2.86

todd wellemeyer --- nl pitcher of the month for may. film at 11.

the last game gorzelanny pitched vs the cardinals was one of the weirder games of the year so far. he had a no-hitter through 4 innings but walked the bases full in the 5th (his 5th, 6th, and 7th walks of the game), then coughed up a couple of singles that led to 3 runs. he was at 94 pitches by then and didn't come out for the 6th. he had a fine year in 2007, almost identical to wainwright's, but he just can't throw strikes this season --- he's walking 7 men per 9 innings pitched. he has become, in other words, the pre-2008 version of todd wellemeyer . . . . .