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Game 71 Open Thread -- June 15, 2008

Kyle Lohse was stupendous yesterday, giving the Cards a chance to win another series. It wasn't that long ago where I was mocked for saying that the Lohse signing was a good one. Without tooting my horn too much, Lohse is 15th in the NL (and better than either Wainwright or Wellemeyer in FIP and has an ERA+ of 110 -- and he's only being paid $4.25 M this year (less than Braden Looper and Mark Mulder). A good signing then, a better one now -- though I must admit he's pitched much better than I thought. Hopefully, he can keep it up. Today Mitch Boggs pitches his 2nd start after being respectable in his first. I am concerned about 3 BB's and 0 K's but maybe he can improve a little today. He's opposing Brett Myers -- a guy I've always loved but who's struggled mightily this year. He's already yielded 18 homers and walked 38 in 86 IP! Strangely, the Cards are 7-2-2 in series where they have lost the first game, losing 2 back-to-back series against the Brewers and Pirates more than a month ago. Go get 'em, Mitch!