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Game 37 Open Thread: May 9 2008

Wellemeyer Parra
3-1, 4.07 1-2, 5.86

what's jeff luhnow up to these days? Future Redbirds has a Q+A w/ the cards' player development chief. it's a good read. an excerpt:

If we wanted a "sexy" pick, we would read Baseball America, read Keith Law’s articles, and pick based on their opinions. But we don’t, and neither do any other clubs, because while the journalists are doing a good job of expressing their opinions based on the information they have, we have to live and die with our selections and the future of the organization is impacted by these picks. If the journalist is wrong, he just admits it (maybe) and keeps writing about the next guy or the next draft. They will still sell papers or get eyeballs. If we are wrong, we’ve missed a huge opportunity to make our organization better, and nobody wants to do that.