Ludwick as a full-time starter

I've been beating the "start Ludwick drum" most nights in the game threads but decided to throw this up as a fanpost.  It might seem convenient that I'm posting this the day after Ludwick goes 4-4 but it is mostly coincidence (i happen to have some free time this morning). 




Ok, the current situation has Duncan starting against righties and Ludwick starting against lefties.  This makes some sense since Duncan struggles against lefties so give the right handed Ludwick the start against them.  So far this has worked well with Ludwick hitting .250/.368/.594 with 3hrs against lefties.  The only problem is that Ludwick hits righties even better then he does lefties!  Through out his whole career he has hit righties better than lefties and this season he is hitting a Pujolsian .362/.412/.660 against righties.

I know Duncan supporters say that Ludwick can't sustain this type of hitting, that he is a journeyman that is on a hot streak.  Well, you must remember that he was a top hitting prospect coming up through the minors who had a couple of hard luck injuries hit just as he was getting his chance.  Sure his numbers will settle back down somewhat, but there is no reason to think this isn't true ability finally being displayed now that he is healthy and been givin a chance.

I won't go into discussing how Duncan's power has all but dissapeared for a fairly long streach now.  Bernie covered that with an article this morning. 

I also don't need to discuss the defensive side of the comparison between the two.  No contest there with Ludwick winning that in a landslide.

Based on Ludwick's play last year and this year he has earned the chance to play everyday in the outfield.  In fact, it seems pretty clear cut that Ludwick, Shu and Ankiel have solidified themselves as our starting OF.  They can all 3 hit righties and lefties well enough to not bother with platoons and they give us our best possible OF defense.  In fact i'd say that group is as good as anyones OF defensively.  I'd also have Barton as the 4th OF with the ability to start for all 3 of these guys giving them days off. 

I'd like to know what others thoughts are on Ludwick and Duncan.  I feel like its a fairly even split around here on this topic.  I know I have a few people with my back on this one.