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Game 33 Open Thread: May 5, 2008

Pineiro Jimenez
2-2, 3.75 1-2, 5.90

my, but the rockies are suffering this year. they're not hitting --- 12th in the league in scoring, 10th in home runs --- and they're pitching even worse (15th in team ERA). they've gone 2-10 against the top teams in their division (arizona and los angeles), and all those great young players who propelled the team last year have come a cropper in 2008. tonight's pitcher, ubaldo jimenez, has walked 22 men in 29 innings; the closer, manny corpas, has an 8.62 era; and troy tulowitzki was hitting .152 with no power before he went out with a wrist injury (he's gone until july). it's to the point that kip wells ought to be starting for this team; since his fine opening day spot-start vs our team he has thrown 14.1 innings of effective relief.

i'll preprogram an overflow thread to open at about 9:00 central time.