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Game 57 Open Thread- 31st May, 2008

Maholm_paul_medium Parisi_mike_medium

Paul Maholm           Mike Parisi

 2-5, 5.11                 0-1, 2.87

How many years now have we been talking about the Pirates' young, talented rotation, and expecting them to break out? I remember when Zach Duke came up and pitched just lights out a couple of years ago. The future was now for Pittsburgh. The same for Ian Snell, when he came up and just struck hitters out just left and right. Still, a couple of years later, and Pittsburgh still finds themselves below .500, with a struggling rotation and an empty ballpark. I just don't get it.

How long is Parisi going to be able to go, I wonder? He hasn't made a start in almost a month, so his stamina is definitely going to be a question. He's gone multiple innings in most of his outings here in the majors, so it's not as bad as if he had been pitching in just single inning stints, but I still question the decision to go with Parisi here, over a pitcher who's been starting all along. You could have left Kelvin Jimenez down in Memphis, left Parisi in the pen, and brought up a starter from Triple A, who wouldn't have had the same questions in regards to his stamina. Oh well, I suppose that's why I'm not a major league manager.