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Game 54 Open Thread- 28th May, 2008


    Rodriguez                  A.D.A.M.          

1-0, 2.31                4-2, 3.02

Big game tonight; the Cards really need a solid bounceback performance. Luckily, Wainwright is the best candidate to give it to them. He turned in a fine performance last time out, bouncing back from his own personal two game slide.

Wandy started the year off like gangbusters, but then strained his groin. He's been out since the 20th of April. Hopefully he comes out less than sharp. Surprisingly enough, considering his soft tossing leftyhood, Rodriguez has been pretty awful against the Cards in his career, going 1-4, 5.25 in 10 games.

I'm sure you've all heard already, but Pineiro's going on the DL. Kelvin Jimenez is on his way up. Boo. Looks at the moment like Parisi is going to take the start for Pineiro on Saturday. Tell me why again we're still hanging on to Anthony Reyes? Not to take anything away from Parisi, but I worry about moving him between roles. I know he's been a starter in the past, but I still don't like to see a player shuttled back and forth like that. Oh well. They never listen to me anyway.