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Game 51 Open Thread- 24th May, 2008

Kyle_lohse_medium Penny_brad_medium

 Kyle Lohse            Brad Penny

  3-2, 4.71                5-4, 5.43


Not a line we're used to seeing from Penny, eh? He's struggled mightily this year, although there have been signs of life lately. A large part of his struggles this year have been command issues, which should play nicely into the Cardinals' hands. If ever there was ever a team I felt pretty confident about being able to work the count, work a pitcher, and, if needed, work a walk, it just may be the 2008 St. Louis Cardinals. So far this year, the Cardinals have 231 walks. That's 23 more than the second team on the list, the Cubs. For this early in the season, that's a huge advantage. When you're leading the second place team by about ten full percent of your total, it's tough to really even fathom. Take some pitches tonight, boys. He may still not walk a ton of batter, but he is getting himself into trouble with high pitch counts and just getting behind hitters in general. I suppose I can't say too much about the guy, though, since he has seen Alyssa Milano naked, probably quite a few times. Me, I have trouble convincing Netflix to let me rent "Embrace of the Vampire." sigh...

Couple of notes:

I forgot in this morning's post, but Doug Davis, our old friend from Milwaukee, now of the Diamondbacks, made his return to the mound last night in grand fashion, throwing seven shutout innings against the El Bravos. I know quite a few of us here made our way over to the DBacks blog and signed their get well card for him, and I wanted to make sure and bring this up. Congratulations to Mr. Davis on making it back on the field. He came back far more quickly than I would have ever thought possible; I suppose it just goes to show what the human will, and the human body, are capable of. Again, congrats, Mr. Davis.

Joe Strauss has a nice little piece up today about the travails of Colby down in Memphis, as well as all the recent craziness that's surrounded the Rasmus clan. It's a good read.

Lots of draft talk going on over at Future Redbirds . I love the draft. No idea why, but I really do. I'll probably be talking about it again on Wednesday. Getting close now, only about a week and a half... Also, FR just celebrated their one millionth hit recently. Congrats to erik and the boy over there; they all do an outstanding job.

Speaking of Alyssa Milano, did anyone else think the season finale of My Name is Earl was a little crappy?

Random music recommendation: MGMT's new album, Oracular Spectacular. Try "Time to Pretend," "Electric Feel," or, my personal favourite, "Weekend Wars." You won't be sorry. Well, probably not anyway.

Alright, everybody, enjoy the game tonight. I'm going to try my hand at one of those preprogrammed overflow threads, but I haven't used them yet. If something goes horribly wrong, email me at and I'll try to get it taken care of. I'll have my BlackBerry with me, so I should get the message, and I'll see if I can get to a computer or something. Thanks.