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Game 49 Open Thread- 21st May, 2008

Looperpic_medium  Young_chris_medium

Braden Looper            Chris Young 
5-3, 4.25                       4-3, 4.18

Boy, that Chris Young for Adam Eaton deal looks awfully good for the Padres now, doesn't it? Since the trade, Young has become one of the best young pitchers in the game, though he has had some issues with staying healthy, while Eaton only played one year in Texas, (and was hurt for most of it, I believe) before joining the Phillies.

Tonight should show us a lot about whether or not this team has truly pulled out of its recent nosedive. They lost a tough one last night; the series is in question. The April Cardinals would come out, score two runs in the first inning, and ride onward to victory. The mid-May Cards, on the other hand, would strand about 13 runners and let the game get away in the eighth. I'll be interested to see which team shows up tonight.