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Game 44 Open Thread: May 16 2008

Sonnanstine Looper
5-1, 5.07 5-2, 4.21

rays are an interesting team. they don't seem to excel at anything in particular --- 7th in the league in obp, 7th in slugging,. 5th in scoring, 4th in era . . . . . turns out where they excel is on defense: they are 2d in the a.l. in defensive efficiency ratio (.716), 2d in double plays, and 2d in fielding percentage.

the cards may be catching a break in drawing sonnanstine, a pitch-to-contacter whose fastball averages 87 mph, per fangraphs. he features a cut fastball, a la greg maddux, and batters apparently have trouble squaring it up ---- his line-drive rates have been below average since he came into the league last year.