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Game 41 Open Thread: May 13 2008

Dumatrait Lohse
1-1, 3.86 3-2, 4.87

tyler johnson is gonna have his shoulder scoped this week; don't know if we can expect him back on a mound this year, but i suspect not. ron villone, you da man . . . .

also, today is the 50th anniversary of The Man's 3000th hit; photos, video, and other goodies at this link (thanks sjoshi). the game box score is right here. now here's what cracks me up about that box score --- at the end of the game, musial was hitting .489. not .389; .489 --- and this was a month into the season. he had 43 hits in 88 at-bats on the year. the following day he went 3 for 4 to raise his average to .500, god bless 'im . . . . i never saw the guy play. he really must have been something.