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Monday Morning Media Musings

Well, the new format is here. It's going to take some time to get used to, I suppose. So far, I'm okay with it, but not completely ecstatic. Probably just the newness of the thing. Some of the new features seem pretty great, but it doesn't seem much easier to use to me. Oh well. Doesn't really matter what I think, does it? I'll get used to it. Trust me, I'm usually like this about new things. I don't like them for awhile, then, once I'm used to it, I can see the good things about it. Just part of my nature, I suppose.

Anyway, I took over today in order to give Lb a day off since he had severe extra duties over the weekend, trying to get everything all set up. I thought I would keep it brief today, seeing as how I'm sure many are still playing around with the new site itself, and just offer up a quick topic for everyone to discuss.

First, though, I wanted to say that I've been reading quite a bit lately that Chris Perez is unlikely to make the team out of spring. After watching him pitch, particularly yesterday afternoon, I have to say, I think he belongs on this team. There's been some discussion of starting McClellan in the major league bullpen, and that sounds like an okay idea to me, but Perez just looks ready to compete at this level. He obviously still has a couple of rough edges, but I think he'll learn more in St. Louis, taking his turns in the fifth or sixth innings, than he would closing down in Memphis. I could be wrong, but he just looks to me like he should be here.

Two years ago, at the beginning of the 2006 season, the Cardinals moved from their longtime home, KMOX, to KTRS. Last year, they jumped from channel 11 locally to KSDK, channel 5. At this point, I think we've seen enough of what each move offers, coverage wise, that everyone probably has an opinion by now. Of course, I know a lot of you follow the Cardinals through primarily online means, so this doesn't really apply to you. Sorry about that. But for the rest of you, who live within the broadcast range of the Cards' radio network, and those who view the game on channel 5 locally, what do you think of the coverage of the team the last couple of years? Is it better? Worse? Neither? Has the coverage taken a hit since the team owns its own media outlet? Which personalities do you like? Which ones do you wish would just go away?

I believe I've made my own feelings on most of the media members fairly clear in the past, (ie, I despise most of the coverage, particularly on the radio side) so I'm not going to go off on a rant here. I'm just interested in what all of you think, now that we've had some time with the new outlets.

Happy Monday, everybody.

One other thing. If this is your first look at the new format, jump over and take a look at the welcome guide. It's got all the instructions you need to get yourself properly set up.