Cards Closing in on Khalil Greene? (Updated: Yes, and they got him.)

[Update - azruavatar - 6:47am]

Khalil Greene Acquired.

[/end update]


After the Looper fiasco, I was looking forward to Rafael Furcal at short. Not sure what I think about this yet...

Maybe we buy low on him and get a solid defender with decent pop and a cool name for pennies on the dollar? I'd be pretty happy with that. I'm definitely glad it's not 2/$18 mil for Edgar Renteria. The optimist in me says that a vacation from Petco would do KG right, but I haven't seen/am too busy right now to look for his home/road splits. Depending on what it cost, I think this could be good news.

So who plays second now? A bat presumably, but which one? There's not a lot out there on the market. Maybe Mo trades for Uggla? Maybe the Ludwick-Kelly Johnson fantasy? I'm definitely at a loss for 2B.