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Travel Day

I spent yesterday packing and I'm going to spend today driving, so I'm afraid I haven't got anything for today. My apologies, and consider this post an A Nation Holds Its Breath II open thread...

Fuentes continues to wait for his market to fully develop, according to a spokesman for Beverly Hills Sports Council, his representing agency.

"Just as Teixeira has weighed interest from several teams, Brian also wants to explore his opportunities," said Josh Goldberg.

Senator, I've seen Mark Teixeira. I've signed Mark Teixeira in Baseball Mogul; Mark Teixeira was a first baseman of mine. Senator, your client is no Mark Teixeira. 

EDIT: In the momentary lull between packing and leaving as we speak. Scoot passes along some news, from the excellent NPB Tracker, about the Cardinals signing a Japanese pitcher who is most certainly not Kenshin Kawakami or Koji Uehara.

He combines being left-handed with great makeup--he apparently lost his job in Japan over a drunk driving incident--and mediocre numbers as a swingman for a few teams. He was a high draft pick in 1997, so presumably there is some plus stuff or something hiding behind the numbers. I'll be interested to see when the Cardinals scouted him, and what they saw. Maybe he's really good friends with Kenshin Kawakami.

Speaking of which, Future Redbirds posted video of the two Japanese starters a few days ago, so it's time to do some amateur scouting: who looks better? Uehara's got a nice fastball, but I love Kawakami's slow curve. My favorite thing about Uehara is his K:BB ratio in his one full year as closer: 66 to 4. Positively Eck-ian.

Okay, now I'm really gone.