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October 6, 2008 Playoffs Open Thread

All AL action today.

White Sox/Devil Rays at 4:07 Cardinals time. This one features two 25-year-old pitchers. Gavin Floyd goes for the Sox; he's the Phillies prospect with the big curveball who failed five or six big league trials in a row before winning 17 games (and outperforming his peripherals by a ton) this year.

The Devil Rays trot out Andy Sonnanstine, who is to old pitchers' skills what Travis Hafner was to old players' skills. He doesn't strike anybody out; he doesn't walk anybody; his fastball has been knocked out of the air by birds in flight. But when you walk less than forty batters in almost 200 innings and you have something vaguely resembling major league stuff you'll be successful, at least for a while. If you want to see what everyone was hoping Joel Pineiro would turn into this year, Sonnanstine's a good visual.

The late game, at 7:37, has the Angels bringing John Lackey into Boston, where he'll face Jon Lester. Winner gets to standardize the spelling of his first name.