A Trade Question

Hope this comes out right. This is my first real FanPost.

While everyone else seems to be aiming pretty high for starters (Cain, Greinke, Lowe, etc.), I was wondering about some smaller names from teams that might be looking to deal off guys.

I've wondered for awhile what the rest of VEB thought of talking to Tampa Bay about Andy Sonnanstine. The problem here would obviously be what to offer the Rays. I'm sure a team such as theirs could use some bullpen help (a category in which we actually have depth) as well as a backup catcher. I know they are pretty deep as it is, but I wonder if Ankiel would be someone they would think of. He could presumably fill in for Cliff Floyd as the lefty DH/ OF option.

The reason I say Sonnanstine is that he's still relatively cheap and the team will need to find space in the next few seasons for David Price, Jeremy Hellickson, Jake McGee and Wade Davis. Sonnanstine's the least projectable of all these arms, but would seem to fit the Cardinals mold. He pounds the zone and doesn't walk many. He threw 193.1 IP last season striking out 124 while only walking 37. He does give up his fair share of hits, but I think he could do pretty well for the team. Another option out of Tampa would be Edwin Jackson, but I have a feeling he's a little more fragile (not a good mix with LaRussa/Duncan) than Sonny.

The other team I was thinking of would be the Boston Red Sox. They have Justin Masterson, Clay Buchholz and Michael Bowden who all seem to be in the running for the fifth spot in the rotation in the next few years. Here the answer for what to offer jumps right out at you. Mike Timlin is getting older and a right handed reliever would seem to fit the bill along with any type of catching help. I have a feeling the Rangers will be calling Theo Epstein this offseason as is, but why don't the Cards jump on it and check out for themselves?

With all the bigger names flying around for offseason possibilities I've been pondering what the rest of the community thought about these two teams and their needs as well as our own.