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World Series Game Five Open Thread- 29th October, 2008

The game is supposed to begin at 7:30 central tonight, and apparently they should have plenty of time to get it in. Of course, whether or not that holds true remains to be seen, but the radar looks good, as far as I can tell.

I really don't have any analysis to offer you guys tonight, largely based on the fact that the situation we're seeing is pretty much unprecedented in the annals of professional baseball. I do think we'll get a chance to see David Price throw a couple of innings, so there is that. We may also see Brad Lidge toss multiple frames, a la 2004 NLCS Lights Out Lidge. No matter what happens, I'll be happy with the series, as it's been a great battle overall, but I'm pulling hard for the Rays, if only so that we don't have to face the blackness quite so soon.