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World Series Game 4 Open Thread

The Rays need to win tonight. They get Hamels tomorrow night, so if they don't win tonight, they may not get back home. If they win tonight, they're going home and have a chance. Big game for the Rays.

Last night's game ended really strangely. First, Upton ties the game w/o a ball leaving the infield -- infield hit, steals 2nd, steals 3rd, scores on error by the catcher on the throw to third. Then Eric Bruntlett scored the game-winning run w/o a ball leaving the infield -- HBP, wild pitch, goes to third on error by catcher, scores on a dribbler hit by the guy who made the error in the top of the inning.

3 pretty good games. Hopefully tonight will be a 4th and, for the sake of those of us who want a long series -- go Rays.