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ALCS Game 5 Open Thread

This isn't going to be popular, but I'd like to see the Sox win tonight. I'm for the Rays, but more than that, I'm for a longer, closer series and more baseball games. I hope the World Series goes 7. Tonight Kazmir is bumped ahead of Shields in the Rays' rotation to pitch against Matsuzaka. It's a curious decision, considering how Kazmir has pitched against the Sox this year (it's not good). Do they feel better going w/ Shields back in Tampa, as opposed to Fenway? Are they looking ahead to the WS, anticipating Shields would be ready to start game 1? I doubt that. Maybe it'll work out for the Rays. The Sox go w/ the only pitcher who's pitched even a halfway decent game in this series -- just the guy they need to try to get the series back to Tampa.