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NLCS Game 3 Open Thread

The Dodgers absolutely have to have this one. Fortunately for them, nobody has more career homers off Jamie Moyer than Manny Ramirez. Most interesting about Jamie Moyer is that, this year, he has almost no platoon split. It's actually not that surprising since he's basically a fastball/changeup pitcher. He'll throw an occasional curve but this year, about 95% of his pitches were fastballs, cut fastballs or changeups. Lefties in the lineup take away that change, his best pitch, and force him to basically become a fastball (if you dare call it that, at 81 mph) only pitcher. Loney and Ethier may have some success tonight as well.

I'd expect the Dodgers to win tonight's game. These 2 teams are just too evenly matched for this series to be a blowout. I'd still expect at least 6 games here, if Torre does the right thing and starts Kershaw tomorrow. Kuroda should do fine tonight, the Dodgers' pen finishes it off, and the series is on serve heading into game 4 tomorrow. (knock on wood!)