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Game 140 Open Thread: September 9, 2007



6-5, 5.07

13-11, 3.98

It's with this post I regret to share with you all I'm no longer going to be taking my regular turn at VEB. I've just had a tough time getting inspired to write about this team, even in the good moments for whatever reason. I want to thank lboros for affording me the opportunity, and for you readers for making it all worthwhile. VEB is a great community were we all come together with 1000 different perspectives, and whether it's during the fun times or the bad, we all stand passionate and concerned about our favorite team. I'll still be around to put in my 2 cents, but it'll be like the rest of you--either by diary or by comment. Meanwhile, I have remained inspired about the minors, so you can still check out my writings at Future Redbirds, and I know a lot of you stop by there after your VEB reading time and I appreciate that. Covering the kids has just become more fun for me then the big club.

It's been fun overall, and this season the team has never had a dull moment but it has had it's share of bad ones. TLR's DUI, Josh Hancock, Encarnacion's career threatening injury, to having the best story of the year taking a sour tone. I've been on the Ankiel bandwagon as most of you know, and I really don't think the dude did anything wrong, but lboros is right, the press conference didn't seem to help his case in the court of public opinion. Last night's game was sort of a capsulized most of the season. The game happened despite off the field controversy. They had many of their key players not playing due to injuries, and possibly lost another one. The pitching was shaky from the get go but the offense battled back to put up a 7 run inning in the third. It all disappeared due to some defensive miscues and while one of their old stars in Jimmy Edmonds showed some of his old brilliance in the outfield, the team still came up short. The relievers put up a good fight to hold things were they were, but in the end the offense couldn't overcome the bad pitching.Their superstar had a great game, but it wasn't enough. Back below .500. 2 games back of 1st place. Thank God for the NL Central, right?

Yet all is far from being lost, the team plays the Cubs 5 times before this thing is over, and a three game series with the Brewers. I doubt they have another improbable World Series in them again, and after this season, who knows who will be where? Ah, St. Louis Cardinal baseball. Never a dull moment. Thanks everyone again, and I'll be seeing you around.