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Game 136 Open Thread: 6 September, 2007

Armas, Jr.

Marky Mark

2-5, 6.75

No Record


As I stated in today's morning post, I strongly believe that this team is far more dependent on Mulder to be successful than it was when it traded for him in 2005. If this team is going to stay in the tick of things, and especially if it hopes to compete during the postseason, it needs Mulder to step up and to compete. That makes this game more exciting than any September pairing against the Pirates deserve to be. There's nothing too interesting in the batter vs. pitcher matchups, other than the fact that Marky has just absolutely owned Jason Bay in a pretty signifcant sample size of 20 AB.

I won't get a chance to watch this one, but here's helping to a nice outing by Mulder that gives us a nice excuse to send the Baron Von Kippington on a one way trip to the bullpen.

Eck, SS Izturis 3B
Natural, RF Bautista, CF
Albert, 1B Sanchez 2B
Jimmy E, CF LaRoche 1B
Dunc, LF Bay, LF
Molina, C Pearce, RF
Branyan, 3B Paulino, C
Swamp Gas, P Wilson, SS
Miles, 2B Armas, Jr., P