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Game 160 Open Thread: September 28, 2007



3-3, 4.79

3-8, 5.83

a little news: cecil cooper will manage the astros next year. i enjoyed him as a player, and i wish him success. but not too much. . . . .

call me a traitor, but i'll be glued to the rockies game tonight. they play the dbacks, it'll be a packed house, and the roar of the crowd will be wafting in through my screen door. there's a possibility those two teams will play sunday afternoon with the division title at stake --- if it's so, i plan to be there.

as for the cards: last night's shutout helped tremendously in the team's quest to avoid setting a new all-time high in runs allowed. with 3 games to go, they stand at 820; if they allow 17 runs or less this weekend, they'll sidestep that particular ignominy.

al pujols needs 3 runs to reach 100 for the 7th consecutive time, 2 walks to reach 100 bb for the first time, and 3 homers to avoid setting (or tying) a career low in that category.