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Game 158 Open Thread: 26 September, 2007

Puppy Kicker


7-6, 4.96

8-4, 3.97

Thompson certainly looked good in the second to last home game of the season, and even without his sinker working the absurd way that it used to. I'll be looking forward to having the team put together a roster construction that will once again allow him to be moved back to the bullpen. I was going to make some commentary to the effect that his stint as a starter hasn't been particularly impressive, and that things'd be happier with him as a reliever, but a look at the stats indicates that, no, he's been almost exactly the same as a starter and as a reliever, aside from a better K/BB ratio in relief. Anyway, here's to a decent performance out of WonderBrad today. The guy has been a useful player over the last couple years, and it'd make me feel good to see him perform.

And thus ends my final game thread of the year. For pre- and in- game amusement, check out Zubin's enjoyable diary on how to make the rest of the season fun and interesting. My suggestion: sign Gibby back to the team at league minimum, and let him pitch an inning against Pittsburgh. He couldn't possibly be worse than Andy Cavazos, even at his current age, ya?