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ghosts and punching bags.

Wouldn't it have been much easier for us to have seen these games against the Brewers back in August? To have been able to abandon all hope of the postseason a month back, rather than a few weeks ago? Eh, I guess it was fun to forget how horrible this season has been for a little bit.

During last night's game, the ladyfriend suggested that, in addition to the standard bobblehead nights, that the Cardinals should open next season with a commemorative Kip Wells punching bag handed out to the first 20,000 fans entering Busch opening day next year. I'd like a variety pack, including all time favorites such as Wells, Ricky Bottallico, and everyone's favorite cuddly bear, Jason Marquis.

The Brew Crew at least gets to keep its elimination number at four with five games left to play. It's still a longshot, but it seems like the Cardinals are doing everything they can to get the Brew Crew back in contention. They just slaughtered our two best pitchers in the first two games of this series. We'll see if WonderBrad can do any better tonight.

As for this season, I've seen much analysis expressing happiness that it is over, and that we no longer need be subjected to this exasperating insanity. I can't say that I completely disagree, but at the same time, I got a certain level of enjoyment out of this season--we got to see some players emerge, a few fun series, and to see a team really grit through a nightmare of a season. I would have to think that, if the front office gets them the guys to compliment the roster's core, that the guys who survived this season will be hardier and better for wear. Change is likely brewing this offseason, but for now, I'm going to at least appreciate the ghost of the 2004 Cardinals that we are still trotting out there.