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Game 156 Open Thread: September 24, 2007

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13-11, 3.60

11-10, 5.20

these two pitchers met a little more than a month ago, in the series that launched the cards back into the race --- the 3-game sweep in milwaukee. wainwright held the brewers to 2 hits in the finale, and the cards won, 8-0.

tonight's lineup, per bernie:

Eck 6
Ankiel 8
Taguchi 7
Ludwick 9
Cairo 3
Miles 4
Bennett 2
Wainwright 1
Ryan 5
cairo, then miles, then bennett . . . . yeeeesh. it's a good thing the cubs have all but ended the race. if the brewers were tied with them for the lead, and the cardinals ran this lineup out against milwaukee, can you imagine the howls of outrage that would emanate from the north side? can't say i would blame them . . . .