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Game 153 Open Thread: September 21, 2007



1-1, 4.86

6-4, 4.71

i just took a quick look at joel pineiro's batted-ball data at fangraphs. his groundball rate w/ the cardinals is only 42.5 percent, lower than at any other point in his career; accordingly, his flyball rate (38.9 percent) is the highest of his career. and pineiro's homers-per-flyball of 15.4 percent is nearly as bad as brad thompson's (15.9 pct) and considerably higher than anthony reyes' and kip wells' (10.5 and 10.4 pct, respectively). he's not fooling many national-league batters; they're hitting .294 and slugging .528 against him this year. this guy's saving grace is his low walk rate: just 1.44 per 9 innings, half his career average. his FIP with the cards is 5.14, 64 points higher than his era; he is not a whole lot better than replacement level. i reckon, unfortunately, that he's gonna be back in st louis next season . . . . .

and here's some cheery news regarding mark mulder from will carroll's column today:

The early spin from St. Louis has been that the surgery will be minor. For Mark Mulder and the Cardinals, though, that's just spin. While the labrum wasn't reinjured, the rotator cuff has a clear tear. What isn't clear is whether this is new or a re-tear. Either way, the result is the same. The bigger issue is whether the muscle tore again due to the stress of pitching, or whether it tore because it hadn't completely healed in the first place. Mulder should be able to be back by spring training, though frankly, his future on the mound has to be in question yet again.
happy autumn, everyone.