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Game 152 Open Thread: September 20, 2007



8-13, 4.83

12-10, 4.55

how the mighty have fallen. . . . . the astros and cards haven't played a september series this meaningless since 2002, when the cards had already clinched the nl central and the 'stros were all but eliminated from the wild-card chase. in every year since the creation of the nl central, at least one these teams has remained in contention right down to the final day of the season; only twice (1995 and 2003) have both of them missed the playoffs. 2007 will be the 3d time.

i got a note this week from the folks at ESPN deportes:


With the obvious spanish flair of Viva El Birdos, we wanted to let you and your readers know that ESPN Deportes, currently covering its seventh Major League Baseball season, is coming to Busch Stadium this Sunday, September 23 for the Houston Astros vs. St. Louis Cardinals Sunday Night Baseball game.

Led by veteran ESPN Deportes commentator Ernesto Jerez (play-by-play), former Major Leaguer Candy Maldonado (analyst), and Guillermo Celis (field reporting), ESPN Deportes' coverage features Spanish broadcasts of the highly popular Sunday Night Baseball (Domingo de Grandes Ligas) and Baseball Tonight (Béisbol Esta Noche), which is hosted by Luis Alfredo Alvarez and includes analysis by former Major Leaguer Carlos Baerga airs Sunday prior to the network's telecast of the ball game.

First, we thought your readers would like to know that ESPN Deportes will be televising the game. ESPN Deportes is available in St. Louis on DirecTV. We thought your Spanish-speaking readers would be interested.

pues, ahora ustedes saben, muchachos y muchachas.

p.s.: at some point on this thread, VEB will record its 3 millionth visitor. if you're the lucky winner, you get . . . . .

. . . . to start at 3b for the cardinals the rest of the season.