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Game 151 Open Thread: 19 September, 2007



13-11, 5.12

13-11, 3.71


I mentioned good ol' Adam as one of the few encouraging things about this years' Cardinals, and I stick by that assessment. If this year's Cardinals are the Black Knight hopping around on one leg trying to bleed on someone, that leg's fibula would be Wainwright and it's Tibia would be Pujols. Well, we get to watch him tonight. Thanks to my teaching schedule and the Austin City Limits festival, I have been keeping up with the Cardinals on an intermittent basis recently, checking in on games during the third inning, sighing at Mark Mulder, etc. Let's see if Adam can make it so that I'll be expectantly cheering when I check in on today's game in the fourth inning.
Eck, SS Rollins, SS
So, LF Utley, 2B
Ankiel, CF Burrell, LF
REO Speezwagon, 1B Howard, 1B
Cairo, 3B Rowand, CF
Skip RF Werth, RF
Yadi, C Ruiz, C
Wainwright, P Nuñez, 5
Miles, 2B Moyer, P