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Game 150 Open Thread: September 18, 2007



14-5, 3.50

3-3, 5.16

todd wellmeyer still looks like a reliever to me. 3 of his 8 starts have lasted 3.2 innings or less; only one has gone longer than 5 and a third. his starter-only era isn't terrible, but his peripherals are, suggesting that he's not likely to maintain that era over the long haul. by contrast, he has been almost unhittable for the cardinals coming out of the pen:

era w/9 k/9 hr/9 avg obp slg
as starter 4.46 4.7 5.9 1.5 .271 .355 .451
as reliever 1.26 3.8 9.4 0.6 .174 .283 .239

again, those reliever figures apply only to his tenure in st louis. but they're telling, imho: as a reliever, throwing with full velocity and an abridged repertoire, wellemeyer has been rendering opposing hitters helpless. in his starts he's getting tagged pretty good, walking way too many guys and not keeping the ball in the park. it's a small sample, but all the same those disparities in strikeout rate and hr rate jump right out at me.