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Game 142 Open Thread: September 11, 2007



0-1, 13.50

7-8, 5.44

not to chase you away from this site, but since the cardinals are opening a championship series tonight --- the springfield cardinals, that is ---- i thought i'd plug the open thread over at Future Redbirds. the cards' opponent in that series, the san antonio missions, are affiliated with the san diego padres. mitch boggs opposes josh geer in game 1 . . .

i'm more than a little surprised nobody has noted the debut last night of one of the guys we traded away for mark mulder. the athletics summoned daric barton from his triple A team on the eve of its appearance in the PCL championship series --- thanks a lot, parent club --- and started him at first base last night; he reached base his first four times up (two walks, two hits) and helped the a's knock off seattle 9-3. i'm not exactly sure where he could be playing for the cardinals; left field, maybe . . . . . he can't pitch, so what's the diff.

mulder will face a cincinnati lineup that's well below league avg vs southpaws. and he ought to get some runs to work with; the cardinals have victimized the reds for 5.3 runs a game (2d only to their scoring avg vs the dodgers, 6.3 runs/game) and batted .304 / .353 / .453 against them this year. baby steps w/ this player; if he gives the team 5 innings it's a good outing, almost no matter how many runs he gives up.