Juan: a tribute

So now that the horrific news. has come out on Juan's season-ending eye injury, I thought I'd repost my earlier  chronicle of the 10 crucial, clutch and game-changing hits Juan contributed the 2007 campaign.

Juan has taken a lot of heat on this board (undeserved in my opinion).  I just hope that when all is said and done in 2007, we don't forget the contribution Juan made. I don't think we're in this September 'race' without him....

Wow - can this team take any more tragedies...ughh...

The Cardinals had dropped two of the first three to Col and desperately needed a split - Juan delivers a go ahead double to put them up for good 4-2.

Tie game w/ cincy, 6th inning, Juan homers to put them up for good, 3-2.

Juan offers a game-changing 3-run homer to put the cardinals up for good against philly, 4-1.

Tie game, 8th inning in Cincy, Juan delivers a clutch single to put the Cardinals up 3-2 and give them the victory.

Remeber when we took 3 of 4 from Ari, well this was game three of that series, 8th inning, we're losing 4-3, and Juan doubles in the tying run, and then scores the winning run (driven in by Rolen).

Same Ari series - Juan took care of all of the scoring in this one - 3 run homer.

The least significant of my findings, but still big - Juan delivers a  single to put the cardinals up 2-0 against Florida. You may recall this is the game where Kip wells turned his season around. How much do you think he appreciated those first inning runs?

Tie game, 8th inning in Atlanta, Juan delivers again with the winning RBI to put the cards up for good 2-1.

You all must remember this one - perhaps the most important game of the season. We'd lost 2 of 3 to the Cubs, the first of 4 to the Brewers, and had gone down 6-0. Juan delivered 3 (3!!!!!!) two-out single to cut the lead to 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, setting the stage for the heroics that ensued.

Remember that crazy 5th inning vs. San Diego? Juan delivered the go ahead rbi.