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Game 110 Open Thread: August 7, 2007



11-5, 2.30

1-10, 6.07

anthony reyes has improved his game in almost every important respect this season ----longer starts (nominally), fewer walks, fewer homers, fewer baserunners. check it out:

2007 5.1 1.1 3.3 .257 .327 .441
2006 5.0 1.8 3.6 .262 .342 .511

he's not getting better by leaps and bounds, but the indicators are all positive (even as i type this, i know i'm jinxing the poor kid; he's sure to get his ass handed to him tonight). even his ball-in-play data are encouraging --- line-drive percentage is down 2.5 percent, groundball percentage is up 3 percent, hrs-per-flyball cut in half. i'm not trying to hide from the steep backsliding in era and w-l record --- those indicators also reflect reality, in part. but the returns remain mixed. he's got a chance to make 10 or 11 more starts this year; if they are, as a body, good ones, then the rotation looks a whole lot less empty heading into 2008.

Baseball Prospectus's joe sheehan says he'd list jake peavy 2d on his mvp ballot if it were filled out today. peavy's #1 comp at his Baseball-Reference page is john smoltz . . . .