Mark Mulder to start against Pirates

Rick Hummel has an article up that, barring a setback, Mark Mulder is penciled in by TLR to start Wednesday or Thursday of next week against the Pirates at home.

Tony will also be going to a six man rotation, unless his burrito at lunch changes his 'gut feeling'.

That includes giving Wainwright the extra days rest.

That puts the rotation at:

Fri - CIN - Reyes
Sat - CIN - Wainwright
Sun - CIN - Looper
Mon - PIT - Wells
Tue - PIT - Pineiro
Wed - PIT - Mulder
Thu - PIT - Reyes
Fri - ARI - Wainwright
Sat - ARI - Looper
Sun - ARI - Wells
Mon - CHC - Pineiro
Tue - CIN - Mulder
Wed - CIN - Reyes
Thu - CIN - Wainwright
Fri - CHC - Looper
Sat - CHC - Wells
Sat - CHC - Pineiro
Sun - CHC - Mulder


That Chicago series is brutal, we don't get Wainwright throwing at all against the Cubs the rest of the season.