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Game 129 Open Thread: 29 August, 2007

Baron Von Kippington


6-14, 5.41

13-6, 3.33

Every time that I think that I have Kip Wells figured out, I apparently don't. The guy just seems to have a preternatural aversion to consistency. Regardless, a win tonight would give the Cardinals their first winning record since Sunday, April fifteenth, when Looper beat Ben Sheets to give the Cardinals a 6-5 record. Regardless, since Wells has been back from the bullpen in his July 13th start, he has had eight starts. In three of those starts, he has gone six or more innings, allowing fewer than two runs. In three of them, he has gone five or fewer innings, allowing five or more runs.

So, I have a feeling that either Wells is going to completely outmatch Oswalt, or we're going to be out of this one by the time the third inning rolls around. Still, even with the disaster starts factored in, Wells' second half ERA is a relatively respectable 4.33. Regardless, if shutdown Kippersley is going to show up, it's certainly going to be against this Astros lineup.

Lineups, per gameday:

Eck, SS Pence, CF
Natural, RF Biggio, 2B
Pujols, 1B Berkman, 1B
Jimmy E, CF Big Lee, LF
Dunc, LF Loretta, SS
Molina, C Scott, RF
Ryan, 3B Wigginton, 3B
Kippersley, P Ausmus, C
Miles, 2B Oswalt, P

Oh, if some of you are wanting something nice for Moasic viewing pleasure, the Cubs are throwing Zambronehead against Ben Sheets.

Update [2007-8-29 19:39:40 by Valatan]:: Bernie is reporting that Rolen may be done for the season.