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Morning thread: On hustle and an ace

That game from Wainwright really impressed me. It's always one thing to see a starter with his best stuff just show up and dominate the opposing team. Jorge Sosa had games like that this year.

It's another thing entirely to see a guy who has trouble locating one or more pitches or a temporary drop in velocity step up and make adjustments and still salvage the quality start. Even more beautiful was the way that he pitched around those errors by Brendan Ryan (It's amazing how quickly Rolen's glove in the field is missed) and minimized the number of runs scored. That, to me, is the difference between your mediocre journeyman types, and your true aces.

I also found it vindicating that the tying run was scored by a hustling Juan Encarnación. I could have sworn that he helped break up the catch at first, and then he was able to go home on that pretty shallow Yadi single, even if the error scoring him hadn't have happened. I just think that the true number of Albert Belle-type paycheck players is very small. Anyway, I expect to have a meatier post for you guys in the afternoon, so enjoy the Cardinal win, even if it comes along with a Cub win.