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Game 121 Open Thread: August 19, 2007


big crazy z

6-13, 5.24

14-9, 3.86

Even if Pujols was called safe...and he was safe, the Cardinals win expectancy with 1 out, Juan on 2nd and Chris Duncan at the plate would have only been 21.7%. Of course, that's a lot better then the 15.3% win expectancy that they had after the fact Pujols was called out. All is far from lost, they could still split the series and after the Cards leave town, they play 13 of their next 17 team at home, and are playing the likes of the Marlins, Astros, Reds and Pirates at home. And next week, the Cubs and Brewers face off for another three game set. In the meantime, I want to see more Ankiel. His presence (and good pitching for what seemed like the first time all season) is what lifted the Cards back into the race. While I appreciate Juan and all for his HR yesterday, that blown catch on the foul is just another example of his "non-hustle", "lackadaisical-ness" or whatever the heck it is that makes people hate him so. Surprisingly in Jayson Stark's report on players who have hit and cleared waivers, Enc's name didn't show. Not saying anyone wants him per se, just surprised the Cards didn't test the waters.

Kip Wells has a 3.28 ERA since 7/1/07, with a 2.2 K/BB ratio. After spending the entire season being a pain in the keister the Cards patience with him has paid off nicely. Zambronhead on the other hand has gone south some as of late, for the month he's allowed 14 earned runs 17 2/3, allowing 23 hits and 12 walks to 11 K's. Of course, he's the type who seems to turn it up a notch against St. Louis, the Cardinals have only hit .215 against him for his career. One thing is for sure, we can count on him yelling at himself and punching himself in the head at some point in the game. Crazy freak. I'd like him if he were our crazy freak, but he never will be.